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Absorb the role of a leukocyte: a specialized immune system cell with the evolutionary role of protecting the body. Face a variety of harmful pathogens, from bacterial to viruses to parasites, each with their own tricks. Learn how to become an elite team synchronizing your abilities to get rid of disease-causing agents before they overwhelm you.

This tabletop RPG has the DM guide a party of four leukocytes through old school FF-style battles with real life pathogens such as the malaria parasite. Yes, COVID is here so you can take out your frustrations on it. Each pathogen has its own battle mechanics. The game focuses on strategy and teamwork under pressure from mysterious opponents. Attacks on each side are based on real immunology, using biology vocabulary that sounds suspiciously like magic spells and abilities: plasmablast, cytokine storm, binary fission, and more!

Game Features

  • Form a party of four leukocytes from six types
  • Rules and abilities are based on real immunology
  • All rolls use one d20
  • Video tutorial shows the flow of battle
  • Fun art style that mixes biology with medieval fantasy

What You Get

  • Rulebook that is formatted with care
  • Convenient player character sheets in a separate file


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Legend of the Leukocytes Rulebook.pdf 10 MB
Legend of the Leukocytes Character Sheets.pdf 2 MB

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